Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center
PO Box 103
Gakona,  AK 99586
907 822 3733 phone
1 866 815 0626 fax

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The mission of the Copper River Basin Child Advocacy Center is to unify a community approach to child abuse prevention and response.

What is a Child Advocacy Center?
Children’s Advocacy Centers are used nation and statewide to provide forensic interviews, forensic medical evaluations, mental health treatment, and victim advocacy to child victims of abuse based upon referrals from law enforcement and child protective services.

They are child friendly centers where children of all ages come to talk to a trained forensic interviewer about allegations of child abuse.  The CAC process involves a team of professionals called a Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT). The MDT collaborates on how to best help child victims and their families minimize trauma to the child, and advocate for prosecution of child abuse perpetrators.  Our team members include members from the Alaska State Troopers, Valdez Police Department, Office of Children’s Services, Medical Provider, Mental Health Consultant, Victim Advocates including Advocates for Victims of Violence, District Attorney’s Office, CAC staff and Tribal Liaison.

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If you have reason to suspect that a child has been abused, please report the suspected abuse directly to law enforcement or child protective services to get help.  Please refer to the Report Child Abuse tab for information on how to make a report.

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