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Community members of the Copper River Basin join  together during Choose Respect March 2015
Community Outreach
The Child Advocacy Center sponsors a variety of outreach events and classes for families in our community. Through these activities we strive to provide positive experiences that promote healthy family relationships. 

Prevention Classes in our Schools                                                   

Our staff currently offers the Safe/Unsa
fe Touch curriculum to K-3rd students in the Copper River School District, Mentasta Lake Katie John school from Gateway School District, and Valdez City Schools.
 This curriculum aims to teach young children to distinguish between safe touches and inappropriate ones.  Children also learn that their bodies belong to them, what to do and say if they are touched in an inappropriate way, and to tell an adult.  Students bring home an activity book so that parents and caregivers have the opportunity to talk about the concepts with their children.
Caregivers are always encouraged to attend the presentation!
Please click on the links above for a detailed outline of the curriculum, including a brief p
ower point slide presentation.
Body Belongs to Me        Safe/Unsafe Touch Outline
789.5 KB

                                                         For a review of children's books on body
                                                                                                      safety and boundries, safe and unsafe
                                                                                                      touch, click on the image above

A follow-up and refresher presentation for elementary age students is design to reinforce the concepts taught during the Safe/Unsafe Touch class.
We base the
lesson by reading a story called "Lauren's Kingdom", having an interactive class discussion and a hands on activity.  Please visit "Lauren's Kids" website to know more about the story behind the book. 
Lauren's Kingdom Presentation


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